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Takemusu Aikido Salisbury was founded by John Gorzanski sensei (5th Dan) in 1997.

Over the years John’s dedication to the club and its members has produced a full range of students including several black belts who all assist in the teaching at both the Salisbury Dojo and the Aiki dojo in Hyde near Fordingbridge.

John has Joint Aikikai Council (JAC) Coach Level 2, British Aikido Board (BAB) Coach Level 1 and BAB Coaching Young People Qualifications.

John Gorzanski sensei
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Patricia Hendricks sensei

Our technical principle is Patricia Hendricks Shihan 7th Dan (Head of Division 1 California Aikido Association, San Leanadro, California, USA) she is a renown international teacher and travels to the UK and Europe on a regular basis, she is a direct pupil of Saito Sensei 9th dan Iwama style.

We also support and are affiliated to the UKA here in the UK.


Takemusu Aikido, teaches the Aikido as taught by O’sensei at his lbaraki dojo in Iwama, Japan (between 1942 and 1969), which he handed down to the late Morihiro Saito (1928-2002) 9th dan his longest serving student.

Saito sensei dedicated his life to preserving the aikido taught by O’sensei, he systemised the Tai-Jutsu (Body Techniques) and weapons techniques of Jo (staff) Bokken (wooden sword) and Tanto (knife) for which the Iwama style is well known.

Morihiro Saito sensei

Takemusu Aikido Salisbury Senior students

Graham Tim Raymond Ash  
Graham (4th Dan)
JAC Coach Level 2 &
BAB Coach Level 1
Tim (3rd Dan)
JAC Coach Level 2 &
BAB Coach Level 1 &
BAB Coaching Young People
Raymond (2nd Dan)
JAC Coach Level 2 &
BAB Coach Level 1
Ash (2nd Dan)  






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