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Your first beginners class is free with no obligation.


"Family Membership Deal -  Just £10 extra per person per month when joining with a one full membership"

(Only applicable for over 16 years of age and not in conjunction with other special offers)





I am a beginner. Do I need to purchase a Gi (White training outfit) before starting.    No,  It is quite acceptable to start with to just wear loose clothing e.g. T shirt and trainer bottoms.

I have never done Aikido before. Which is the best lesson to start on? Which ever one suits you, apart from the Saturday advanced class. Remember the more lessons you do each week the quicker you will progress.

I want to learn to defend myself. Is Aikido suitable? Definitely but you must be patient. It takes time to be proficient in any Martial Art.

Training in aikido will improve your fitness, flexibility, strength and confidence.


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