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There will be a special Uchi Deshi week coming soon

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Kenkyusei/Sotodeshi/Uchi-deshi program.
This is a special research program for those interested in intensifying your understanding, training and teaching of Aikido

Opportunity to live at dojo and train intensively while having the flexibility to work or study outside of the dojo. Soto Deshi would be expected to attend the majority of classes and help out when needed at the dojo and home. In return, they receive a reduced rent and training fee. This would be for an agreed period of study.

For Nidan and above, an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Aikido principles and techniques. This is ideal for Deshi that have a limited amount of time to devote to training. The stay would be approximately 1 month with special attention from Sensei directed at the areas that need improvement.

UCHI-DESHI (Uchi no deshi)
A Japanese term meaning a personal student of the dojo Sensei. One who lives and trains in the dojo, totally immersing him/herself in "The Way".

The dojo is the first priority. A person applying for uchi deshi status should understand that this commitment is not to be taken lightly. Although the rewards for one who totally immerses her/himself in Aikido training are great, the hardship of uchi deshi life can also be demanding. Everything is training. Living conditions are basic. The demands are for the care and cleaning of the dojo and attention to the needs and wishes of the Sensei. Training is top priority in the life of an uchi deshi. This training is not only more demanding than that asked of the dojo members at large, but more frequent. For these reasons, one should consider very carefully before commiting to a period of study as an uchi deshi.  This is not a holiday.

Uchi no deshi – Progams or Courses
At present there will only be availability for short term stay’s and courses, which will be organised by personal request or organised arrangement .
There will be weekend courses where living and training will reflect the way of uchi deshi life and training, with special in depth tuition to deepen your understanding of Aikido principles, techniques and weapons. Including yoga stretching and meditation as part of the preparation for training.
Clubs or group may wish to organise a week or more as a private program.

Uchi deshi  training numbers
Training will be limited to small groups of between 4 and 14 persons for full day Uchidshi for single Uchideshi students the half day program is avalable.  This giving an opportunity for intense and personal development.
Offering a unique experience of uchi deshi training to persons or clubs and organisations regardless of style in the pursuit of a deeper knowledge of aikido and their own personal development.

Living Arrangements

Living accommodation is basic with sleeping on mat with some mattresses but bring own sleeping bag and pillow. Kitchen for communal cooking ,  Shower and toilet facility. Large garden for relaxing.  In one of the most beautiful National Parks (TheNew Forest ).This is included in the Uchideshi Fees

Uchi deshi / live in luxury
Uchi deshi / Cottage available Sleeps 2 to 4 persons cost may vary dependent on time of year.  Cost of rental plus £60 (+ Training fee) per person per weeks - Minimum 3 sharing.


Uchideshi and course Fees

Saturday morning 9am till 1pm - 4 hour advance class £15

Uchi / Soto deshi fee structure ( open to change dependent on structure of program)

Two day weekend, all day course £40
1 week, all day course + 2 evening classes (Optional) £120 Minimum group of 4 persons

Half day program with free time for (holiday or self training) a commitment to being uchi deshi,  as above is still required.
1 weeks = £140 1 person minimum or group
2 weeks = £225 1 person minimum or group
3 weeks = £350  1 person minimum or group                                                                                                                                                 
4 weeks = £400 1 person minimum or group
(Group discounts may be available)

Uchi deshi.   Why the experience? 
Offering a unique experience where you as a person can immerse yourself into a way of training, Having the time to feel, study and concentrate. Giving yourself to essence of in depth training. Really getting into heart of aikido techniques and principles, whilst living and sharing with others. Part of the aikido experience offered by very few teachers or dojo’s.

Club training - sessions are about seeing and doing.
With some time to have techniques explained and time for correction is normally limited. What I would call root and branch of teaching.

Seminars - are great, you have time to see other instructors and maybe other techniques and styles.
Limit time for corrections and usually a good work out. Time to develop your imagination by seeing things that you may not have seen before and make good friends and see old ones as well.

All Deshi programs must be arranged in advance with John Gorzanski sensei for contact please Email gorzanski@hotmail.com



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